Restaurant Post – Bözen

The Fricktal region meaning the ‘Frick Valley’ is located in the northwest finger at the Swiss canton of Aargau. Its name is coming from the chief village Frick in the region where I had been to last weekend for a meeting. Visiting Frick back again made me remember one of my best memories on food that I had 3-4 years ago. Frick is very famous in the region with its wine and cherries. Wine is not in my field of interest but cherries do; especially when they are in Tiramisu.

Bözen, one of the neighbour villages next to Frick, have a great restaurant & hotel where you can taste wonderful dishes and spend a great night with joy, The Post. 7th generation is now on duty to keep their fame by using high quality, just fresh and – whenever possible – products of the region.

As a person who always choose my menu not from the beginning to the end but just the other way around I would like to tell you my favorite Fricktal Cherry Tiramisu. Made with fresh cherries and can be found only after these lovely blossoms. In the summer time if you are near Zurich that means you are only – 1 hour drive – away to Bözen which completely worth’s.

Of course other dishes are also very good, tasty and well designed by the chef, Peter Heuberger. Last thing I could recommend from The Post is the lovely homemade pumpkin soup that you may choose as a starter.